2017 Toyota Corolla Celebrates 50 Years

Not many vehicles can brag that they’ve been around for 50 years. It’s quite an accomplishment for one vehicle to have lived so long, going through changes and advancements year after year. But that’s what the 2017 Toyota Corolla has been able to do. In our fast-paced world of  ever evolving technology, new types of vehicles, and the constant need to stay fresh and relevant, it’s not uncommon for a car manufacturer to swap out an older type of car for something completely new. 

Here at Serra Toyota of Decatur, we’re always working hard as your Decatur, AL Toyota dealership to bring you new Toyota models and excellent service. At the same time, we love the dedication our favorite automaker shows for its lineup. Proving to us that new doesn’t always have to mean starting completely from scratch.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla starts with some pretty distinct physical updates inside and out from the best-selling 2016 Toyota Corolla. In addition to these changes, the new Toyota Corolla is also available in a new 2017 Toyota Corolla XSE trim and a special 50th-anniversary edition. 

Upon first look, you’ll notice that the new 2017 Corolla sports an updated grille. In place of horizontal slats, the grille is now an attractive honeycomb design under the black bar. It also has newly redesigned foglights, which are more angular and replace the rounded lights in the previous 2016 Toyota Corolla. The side profile shows a few cosmetic updates which include more of a sculpted look to the side paneling, which is in line with recent redesigns in other models like the 2016 Toyota Prius

Inside, a revised center stack includes an instrument panel providing a new level of luxury. Gone are many of the buttons and knobs, and in their place is a touchscreen infotainment system. The new 2017 Corolla also carries over the same engine and transmission options from the previous year. As the Toyota Corolla got its last major update in 2013, and because Toyota usually operates on a six-year lifecycle for its models, there aren’t a ton of really big changes. However, we feel that the updates that have been made not only show the timelessness of this little vehicle but aid in it aging and maturing gracefully while keeping with the times. Overall, the 2017 Toyota Corolla is a classy, yet practical and modern car.

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