Choosing the Perfect Drivetrain For Both Work and Play


For a large portion of car buyers, the drivetrain is an afterthought. Unless there is snow or rain on the road, most people don’t really think about how many of their wheels are propelling the car. Of course, an informed consumer knows that a vehicle’s drivetrain is an extremely important part of the car-buying experience. At Serra Toyota of Decatur, we want you to have all the facts when you’re buying your top of the line new or pre-owned Toyota car or truck.

Front-Wheel Drive: Most cars produced today come standard with Front-Wheel Drive, or FWD. Sedans like our award-winning Toyota Camry rely on this space-saving drivetrain to maximize interior room without sacrificing safety.

Rear-Wheel Drive: For those drivers who need a larger vehicle, but who don’t want to sacrifice horsepower, a rear-wheel drive truck like the 2017 Toyota Tacoma is ideal. rear-wheel drive, or RWD, is also used for sportier vehicles.

Four-Wheel Drive: Drivers who find themselves off-road, either on the job or on the weekend, should seriously consider a four-wheel drive, or 4WD, vehicle like the trusty 2017 Toyota 4Runner. Also known as 4x4s, four-wheel drive vehicles are capable of being switched manually between FWD and RWD in order to maintain maximum traction.

All-Wheel Drive: While there’s no functional difference between a 4WD and an all-wheel drive, or AWD, vehicle is simple. An AWD car or truck like our refined, yet rugged 2017 Toyota Tundra makes the transition between FWD and RWD automatically.

Whether you’re driving onto a construction site or braving the hazards of a grocery store parking lot, the talented team at Serra Toyota of Decatur is sure to have something that you will absolutely love.

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