Expand Your Horizons with New Toyota Prius Towing Tech

Among car enthusiasts, there’s a general expectation of what any given automaker is going to deliver to its drivers. For some automakers, it’s expected that their vehicles will be extremely fast or luxurious. For others, their vehicles are expected to remain largely unchanged in their appearance so as to preserve the integrity of the vehicle’s history. 

For us at Serra Toyota of Decatur, we’re the kind of Toyota enthusiast who expects the automaker to deliver some level of new technology that looks beyond the current state of the automotive world but prepares it and us for the future. 

Here at our Serra Toyota of Decatur dealership, we’ve got a lot to offer you in the way of vehicles that fulfill that expectation. Whether you’re looking for a pre-owned Toyota model or something new like a 2016 Toyota Camry, we’ve got you covered. 

Toyota has gone through great changes in the last several years to appeal to a wider audience, and we think it has accomplished this. In addition to drastically changing the designs of some of the 2016 Toyota models, the automaker is also working on less noticeable, yet no less important advancements. 

One example of this is in the 2016 Toyota Prius. The small hybrid vehicle is capable of more than you may think. It can actually tow up to 1,598 pounds. In addition to a big design change, the vehicle has also been engineered to tow a light caravan or trailer behind it. Using heat management measures introduced in its main electric motor-generator and differential, you can now easily take your Prius on a road trip. 

By equipping the car with towing hitches and wiring systems which you can get as official accessories, you’ll be ready to tow your small camper or trailer in no time. We think this opens up a whole new world of what you can do with your Toyota. And we’re excited to see further advancements are in store. 

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