How Better Batteries Will Power The Toyota Prius

Our dealers here at Serra Toyota of Decatur enjoy learning about how the brand continually seeks to improve its models. Thanks to a recent Fortune article, we were pleased to learn that thanks to the brand’s intrepid engineering team, the Toyota Prius will use lithium-ion batteries as part of its drivetrain.

Lithium-ion batteries will be integrated into the new Toyota Prius Prime, a plug-in electric version of the current hybrid (which uses gasoline). Although some plug-in Toyota Prius models used lithium-ion batteries, many use more traditional nickel-metal hydride batteries. By integrating lithium-ion batteries, Toyota engineers expect the Prius Prime to have a range of approximately 25 to 37 miles before switching to the gasoline engine.

Much of the confidence that Toyota engineers have in lithium-ion batteries comes through developing controls that monitor the 95 battery cells in the Prius Prime for temperature and condition. Thanks to this control system,  short-circuits and other power issues can be discovered and the entire battery shut down, preventing further damage.  

Other factors influenced the integration of lithium-ion batteries into the Toyota Prius Plus, including falling battery prices, allowing Toyota to develop more efficient batteries and specific controls, and smaller battery sizes, which double total capacity. With the Toyota Prius Plus, the brand makes progress towards developing an all-electric car. However, the Toyota Prius Plus shows that the auto manufacturer is always seeking improvement, taking auto technology to the next level.

Are you curious about how the Toyota Prius performs? Wish to take a test-drive? Please visit our Toyota dealership serving the Decatur, AL community. You are welcome to check out our inventory of Toyota Prius models and learn the benefits of driving a hybrid. We think you will agree that the Toyota Prius is a unique vehicle that provides a great ride.

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