Make Sure Your Vehicle is Summer Ready With a Trip to Serra Toyota of Decatur

No summer is complete without a little bit of traveling, but you’ll have a hard time getting much farther than your neighborhood if your car or truck isn’t in top shape. Your friends at Serra Toyota of Decatur would like every driver in Alabama to be prepared for a nice, long drive this summer.

Here are a few, simple tips to help make it happen!

Check Your Belts and Hoses

Before you put your car or truck under stress, make sure that your timing belt and your hoses are in good, working order. Check for thin spots or cracks and consider replacing them if things look too worn.

Change Your Wipers

No one wants to squint through an unexpected torrent of rain. When a summer squall hits, make sure that you’re prepared with a fresh set of windshield wipers.

Check Your Coolant and Air-Conditioning System

You don’t want to find your engine (or your cabin) overheated when you’re miles from home on an unfamiliar highway. Make sure that your engine’s coolant is filled and that the tank itself is in good working order. You should also have a professional check your car’s AC, so stop by our service center before your next trip.

Let Us Make Sure Your Car Is Cared For Perfectly

You can go to the trouble and expense of tending to everything on your car big and small, or you could simply let our technicians take care of it for you! Our team has spent countless hours learning everything there is to know about the entire line of Toyota vehicles so you can simply drop off your car or truck and trust that we’ll handle the rest with care and precision.

At Serra Toyota of Decatur, we want to make sure that your new Toyota Camry is ready to get you where you need to go this summer. Schedule an appointment at our Service Center. 

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