The Importance of OEM Parts and Service

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Over the past day or two, you’ve noticed an unsettling noise coming from underneath the hood of your car. Something is out of sorts, and you just know that you’re going to need a new part. You’re confronted with the age-old question: do I take my car to the nearest mechanic, or do I enlist the help of the expert service technicians working at my local Toyota dealership?

In the Decatur, AL area, Toyota owners can rest easy knowing that one trip to Serra Toyota of Decatur will land them the best Toyota original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts in the state plus great work completed at an affordable price.

You Should Be Buying OEM Parts

When you skip the dealership and take your car to a mechanic, the odds are your vehicle will be fixed with an aftermarket part. For those who don’t know, an aftermarket part is a replacement part that’s built a company that is not your vehicle’s original manufacturer. As a result, while they tend to cost less, some aftermarket parts can be of lower quality than OEM parts.

With a certified OEM part from our Toyota parts department, you can rest assured that the replacement will fit just as perfectly as the original part. There’s no need to be concerned about the quality of the part, either, since most car dealers will provide a warranty on the part on the off chance something happens to your vehicle.

Serra Toyota of Decatur Can Help!

When the time comes to replace parts on your beloved Toyota car or truck, then your best option is to come to the friendly, capable pros at our Toyota service center in Decatur, AL.

Visit us today for a no obligation quote and let us prove that OEM is the way to go!

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