Preparing Your Toyota Car for Spring

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There is little question that winter can take a toll on your car. That’s why the experts at Serra Toyota of Decatur think you should give your vehicle, like the 2017 Toyota Camry, a once over as the beauty of springtime arrive here in Huntsville, AL. Let’s take a look at the four things you should do right now to make sure your car is ready to enjoy this beautiful time of year.

The Clean Out

Stuff tends to build up in our cars during the coolers months. Now is the time to grab a garbage bag and a box and start the clean out process. Throw out all the accumulated junk in the bag and use the box to store items you’ll need for next winter. It’s also a great time to empty your trunk and sort out what can stay and what can go.

Replace Filters

If you suffer from allergies, springtime can be difficult. That’s why it’s the perfect time to swap out your old cabin air filter for a new one. It will keep your car free from dust, pollen, and other foreign particles that are brought into your car through the HVAC system.

Winter Tire Replacement

If you did put winter tires on your car, now is the time for a change. You can easily damage your winter tires if you drive with them on dry, warmer pavement, so get your regular tires back on as soon as possible. The tire center at Serra Toyota of Decatur can help you with this important task.

Full Safety and Fluid Check

After you do the basics, it also might be the perfect time to bring your new or pre-owned Toyota model into our service center in Decatur, AL to get a full check-up. We can do things like check the tread and inflation levels of your tires, change your oil, and check and add needed fluids included washer, brake, and steering. We look forward to serving you soon!

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