Toyota and Microsoft Team Up to Make AI Cars

Toyota automakers have made some pretty amazing steps forward in the automotive industry. They’ve accomplished many awesome things like redesigning the new 2016 Toyota Prius to encompass a whole new look that we think is more in line with what is considered stylish. The automaker has managed to make an unbeatable sedan in the 2016 Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid. And with the announcement that they plan to make automatic braking standard within a decade, so you can take your new Toyota RAV4 off-road and not have to worry about any collisions, we’re already pretty impressed.

Now, Toyota is teaming up with Microsoft to narrow the boundaries between technology and the automotive landscape. The companies have announced that they plan to humanize the driving experience by making cars artificially intelligent.

Now, before you go running for the Decatur, AL hills because you’re worried that your new Toyota Corolla is going to go all Terminator on you, it’s all in an effort to make your driving experience more pleasant. The $5.5 million being spent in technological research means that, according to Bloomberg, “the new venture will study everything from cars that help each other analyze traffic patterns to user-based insurance pricing to connecting drivers with information and security services in their homes.”

Other examples of what we can expect according to Toyota are using heart rate data from the steering wheel to monitor health or tracking your final destination to find you a parking spot and pre-pay for it so all you have to do is pull into the spot. Further speculation includes a new type of infotainment system that’s better equipped to actually inform and entertain. Such potential offerings could be finding you a nice restaurant to stop at while on a long road trip. And say you always have tacos on Tuesdays, well, the new system will know that and narrow its search to taco places.

We still seem to be a bit far off from experiencing this technology in our daily driving experiences. But as we’ve seen from Toyota before, new technology is always around the next corner. In the meantime, head on down to see us at 308 Beltline Pl for any and all of your Toyota needs.

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