Toyota Keeps an Eye on the Urban Market


While every other car dealer seems focused solely on making their automobiles bigger and more powerful, the Toyota brand has its eye squarely on innovation for the urban crowd. In 2017, their newest concept car, the i-TRIL, is a leap forward in urban driving. At Serra Toyota of Decatur, we have a great stock of vehicles that are bridging the gap between now and the future of driving. 

Though the i-TRIL is still a few years from production, it marks an exciting new direction for the future of urban transportation.

  • Futuristic Design: The i-TRIL’s slim engineering seats two passengers and features beautifully integrated butterfly doors.
  • Active Lean Technology: The brand revealed it’s Active Lean technology in 2014, but the i-TRIL features a revamped version of the system that allows the car to actively slant by automatically moving the wheels up and down during turns. The tech receives car sickness and improves the i-TRIL’s stability and grip on the road.
  • It’s Electric: The i-TRIL is an electric vehicle that’s designed to be piloted primarily in an urban area. It’s compact design and robust battery life is perfect for maneuvering in a crowded cityscape.
  • A Look at 2030: While car makers in the United States are looking to their past for inspiration, the Toyota brand is thinking about the reality of driving in 2030.
  • Manual Or Truly Automatic: The i-TRIL features no pedals. It’s controlled by controls implanted in the steering wheel. That being said, the i-TRIL is also designed to run on autopilot when necessary.

Shouldn’t your next vehicle have an eye on the horizon rather than one foot stuck in the past? Come check out our entire stock of  rugged off-road vehicles and new cars for sale in Decatur, AL for a glimpse at what tomorrow will bring. We look forward to seeing you at Serra Toyota of Decatur soon!


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