What is Toyota Connected?

At Serra Toyota of Decatur, we are all about innovation. Every year, our new and pre-owned Toyota inventory takes drivers in the Athens area one step closer to the future. The experts at Toyota are working hard to make technologies like autonomous/self-driving cars and trucks a reality sooner, rather than later. So how and where are they doing most of the work? Turns out Toyota will soon open a new user experience and product development company called Toyota Connected. Announced in April, the new company will be based in Plano, Texas and will be a part of an already established collaboration with Microsoft.

According to Toyota’s press release, Toyota Connected will have two main goals:

  • Deliver seamless and contextual services
  • Support product development for customers, dealers, distributors, and partners with data analytics

To accomplish these mandates, Toyota Connected will team with engineers from Microsoft and also adopt Microsoft’s Azure cloud computer platform. The hope is that when combined with the work already being done at the Toyota Research Institute on robotics and AI, Toyota Connected will make some major breakthroughs when it comes to technology like:

  • In-car services
  • Telematics
  • Home/IoT connectivity
  • Smart city integration

All these R&D efforts should bring consumers in Decatur, AL new Toyota Camry and Corolla models that seamlessly connect with not only our personal technology but also everything and everyone around us. Who knows, maybe in the near future car accidents will be a thing of the past?

We still just have to wait and see what comes out of Toyota Connected, but if their motto is any indication, it should be quite exciting:

Free us from the tyranny of technology, making a connected life a more human experience.



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